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Twin Cities Berry Company

Business Description

Twin Cities Berry Company is a research and production farm dedicated to increasing the Twin Cities’ supply and access to healthy, locally produced fruit.

Before MNimize

As a vendor at the Mill City Farmers Market, Twin Cities Berry Company was already required to use fully compostable products for ready to eat food items. After hearing a MNimize presentation prior to the start of market season, owner Andy Petran reached out to discuss opportunities for a branded cup.

Plastic Reduction Actions Implemented

Twin Cities Berry Company worked with MNimize to develop a reusable cup program for the berry sodas they sell at the market. Taking advantage of the MNimize Rebate, they purchased a starter supply of 90 reusable branded steel pint cups from Klean Kanteen. Customers can purchase a soda in a stainless steel cup for $15. If they return the cup before they leave the market, they’ll receive a $10 refund. OR, customers can take the cup home and bring it back every Saturday all season long for $3 refills.

Since launching the program in late June, Twin Cities Berry Company has already had over 100 “refills” of these cups and has placed an order for a second batch of cups because they have been so popular. Twin Cities Berry Company will continue to vend at the Mill City Farmers Market through October, so there is plenty of time to join their reusable program!


  • >100 single-use cups avoided

We chose to participate in MNimize because it seemed like a win-win situation for us- reducing single use plastic cups for a reusable alternative that also was an attractive branding opportunity for our company. MNimize assisted with our first purchase of these reusable items and the success already measured from this grant allows us to scale up our efforts with confidence.

– Andy Petran, Owner

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