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Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

Business Description

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe is a bakery specializing in cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and other treats located right on Main Street in Hopkins. MNimize was lucky to connect with Amy’s very early on in the development of our program, and they have been a fantastic supporter as we’ve launched and grown our initiative.

Before MNimize

Photo Credit: @ENGLE // OLSON

Bakeries require a lot of specialty packaging to keep cakes, cupcakes, and cookies safe for transport.

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe was using many different kinds of packaging, some of which had some plastic content. This includes their cold cups, macaron holders, and cupcake carriers.



Plastic Reduction Actions Implemented

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe has progressively been making plastic reduction changes since joining MNimize. They swapped out their bright blue pastry box for a natural kraft paper alternative.

Photo Credit: @ENGLE // OLSON

Additionally, using the MNimize Rebate, the Shoppe also replaced their plastic cold cups with a certified compostable alternative. AND they offer a $0.50 discount for customers who bring in clean, reusable drinkware for a cup of local, female-owned City Girl Coffee.

Amy has also been a great partner to MNimize and to Hennepin County! In February of 2023, Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe partnered with the county on their Plastic Free Challenge, and in April they donated mini cupcakes for an Earth Day clean-up event co-hosted by MNimize and Yelp!


  • 6,000 single-use plastic cold cups avoided annually

We will continue to work at being less wasteful and more mindful of the impact we hold as a bakery and as individuals. As a small business, we continue to do our best to find ways to lessen our single-use plastic, reuse when possible, and share our struggles and successes so that others may feel encouraged to try as well. It is not about being perfect or being zero waste, it is the effort and small steps that will help us to create larger, lasting change.

Check out Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe on Mainstreet in Hopkins:

💙 Tues – Fri | 9am – 6pm
💙 Sat | 7am – 4pm

**with summer hours starting June 13th:

💙 Tues – Fri | 9am – 7pm
💙 Sat | 7am – 4pm
💙 Sun | 9am – 2pm

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