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Many food service businesses are already taking action to reduce single-use plastic, and we want to celebrate that! MNimize also supports any and all food service businesses that want to reduce or even eliminate single-use plastic.


Businesses will be recognized at one of four achievement tiers based on their efforts to reduce single-use plastic. MNimize will also help businesses identify opportunities to continue reducing single-use plastic, and will assist them in implementing projects.

See What You Can Achieve

Participation Prerequisites:

Site visit with MNimize team to establish baseline of single-use plastic usage, verify tier achievement, and identify opportunities for further reduction.

Commit to the MNimize Pledge: Offer single-use plastic accessories (utensils, straws, etc.) by request only.

See Achievement Tiers

Reduction Action Menu
  • Implementation of at least 1 reduction action (see menu).
  • No single-use plastic dine-in service ware
    *Straws can be single-use plastic if offered by request only
  • No single-use plastic dine-in service ware
  • No single-use plastic to-go ware.
  • All dine-in service ware is reusable.
    *Straws can be disposable, non-plastic alternative
  • No single-use plastic to-go ware.
  • Reusable to-go ware is available.

We recognize that the food service industry is not one size fits all, so these criteria may not be possible for all businesses. We’ll work with your business to identify the most appropriate achievement tier based on your operations and current single-use plastic reduction efforts.

How can we help your business

Get Rid of Single-use Plastic

This is a list of some of the eligible single-use plastic reduction actions that businesses can take to achieve tiers in our program. The MNimize team will come visit your business to help identify the actions that best suit your needs and interest, and will offer ongoing implementation support.

Offer discount/incentive for customer reusable container.

Swap at least 1 single-use plastic product for a compostable alternative.

Swap at least 1 single-use plastic product for a reusable alternative.

Swap single-use option (e.g. utensils, condiments) for bulk dispensing.

Refer another business to participate in the campaign.

The MNimize movement is growing! 93 businesses are taking action to reduce single-use plastic.

MNimize Benefits

Receive up to $1,000 toward the cost of single-use plastic reduction when you swap plastic items for reusable or certified compostable options.


Receive recognition for your actions

  • Listing on our directory and mentions in social media
  • Assistance updating Yelp Business attributes, Plastic Score business profile
  • Opportunity to be listed on national Plastic Free Restaurants directory (Gold Tier+)

Display program marketing collateral

  • MNimize logo
  • Social media collateral
  • Table tents/counter signage
  • Window cling

Other potential benefits

  • Feature in program success stories, testimonials, promotional videos
  • Participate in events and other collaborations
  • Be featured in local media

Ready to Join Us?

Connect with us

Reach out to let us know you want to be involved!


Host a MNimize site visit

Our team will reach out directly to schedule a MNimize site visit to verify current single-use plastic reduction efforts, discuss other opportunities, and confirm your commitment to the MNimize Pledge.

Join the MNimize Movement

We’ll add you to our map of participating businesses and share marketing collateral to promote your achievement. We’ll also follow up with recommendations for how you can continue to reduce single-use plastic.

Continue Reducing

We’ll then work with you to implement any new plastic reduction actions. We can provide assistance researching alternatives, creating educational materials, and offer on-site implementation support.

Apply for our Rebate

We will also assist eligible participants through our rebate application process.


Celebrate your success!

Once your action has been successfully implemented, we’ll update your achievement tier on our directory and write up a success story about your achievements.

Keep up the good work!

The MNimize team is always available if you have questions or you’d like to continue your single-use plastic reduction efforts. We’ll follow up over time to see how you’re doing and share your impact.


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