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This is our list of eligible single-use plastic reduction actions that businesses can take to achieve tiers in our program. The MNimize team will come visit your business to help identify the reduction opportunities that best suit your needs and interests. We will also offer ongoing technical support as your implement your selected action(s), as well as assistance applying for funding through our MNimize Rebate.

  • Offer discount/incentive for customer reusable beverage container.
  • Swap at least one single-use plastic product for a certified compostable alternative.
  • Swap at least one single-use plastic product for a reusable alternative.
  • Swap single-use option (e.g. utensils, condiments) for bulk dispensing.
  • Change packaging item or process to remove need for plastic item (e.g. inclusion of sauce ramekins).
  • Reduce use of plastic film.
  • Achieve change in packaging from suppliers to reduce plastics coming into your business.
  • Refer another business to participate in the campaign. Referred business must at least host a MNimize site visit.
  • Other innovative plastic reduction ideas as approved by the MNimize team.
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