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Hibachi Daruma

Business Description

Hibachi Daruma is a family-owned Japanese food truck with two brick & mortar locations. Their downtown Minneapolis location is the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch of sushi, fried rice, or other Japanese classics.

Before MNimize

  • Black plastic containers with clear plastic lids for dine-in customers

While Hibachi Daruma was already using reusable dishware for dine-in customers at their Mound location, they had opted for disposable plastic containers for their downtown Minneapolis location.

Plastic Reduction Actions Implemented

After connecting with MNimize, owner Ying Alvarez decided to provide the same dining experience to her customers at both locations by purchasing reusable bowls, platters, plates, and sauce dishes with the help of the MNimize Rebate.

Through this change, Hibachi Daruma has achieved MNimize Silver!

Hibachi Daruma Owner, Ying Alvarez


  • 50 containers per day, or 18,250 containers annually
  • $3,900 Annual Cost Savings
  • 1,550 lbs. of waste reduced annually
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