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Protagonist Kitchen & Bar

Business Description

Protagonist Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant for New American cuisine located in Richfield. The name Protagonist is a nod to The Restaurant as the hero in the story of an industry that has been devastated by the pandemic, but continues to carry on. Their goal is to bring new life and energy – and an excellent dining experience – to the community.

Before MNimize

  • Reusable dishware for dine-in, except black plastic cocktail stirrers
  • Certified compostable to go packaging

In early 2022, MNimize connected with Protagonist owner Pejmon Nadimi for his insights on the industry and how to build a single-use plastic reduction program that would best meet the needs and interests of restaurants. Protagonist had already minimized their use of single-use plastic products with the exception of black plastic cocktail stir sticks. Seeking to be a plastic-free, sustainable restaurant, Pejmon reconnected with MNimize to find an alternative.

Plastic Reduction Actions Implemented

Single-use plastic sticks replaced with natural, sustainable HAY! stir sticks.

Using the MNimize Rebate, Protagonist replaced their plastic cocktail stirrers with HAY! stir sticks made from natural wheat stems. As a result of this change, Pejmon estimates they will avoid nearly 11,000 single-use plastic items annually.


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